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Do you wanna learn how to surf? Improve your surf skills? Are you looking for the best surf spots around Bali? Or do you need a local tour guide?

Then I might be your man! My name is Wayan and I’m a passionate surf instructor and tour guide.

I can teach you how to catch your first wave or develop your surf skills. As I grew up in Tanah Lot area, I know where to find the finest waves of Bali’s coast line.

If you don’t need tuition, I can take you on a surf trip to the nicest spots around the island. And for those who expect more from Bali than just surfing, I will be excited to show you the beauty of Bali’s nature, food and culture on a customised trip.

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Surfing is like dancing with nature. But sometimes you just have to ride the wave you’re given.

Wayan Ladra, Surf Instructor

Welcome to Bali! What ever you need, I'll be happy to help you! Check out my services.

Surf lessons  & surf guiding

Learn and improve: I offer surfing lessons for the very beginners up to the experienced. I will pick you up at your hotel and take you to a surf spot depending on your surf level.

Surf trips around Bali

Discover stunning beaches with me: For those who don’t need tuition, we’ll take you to the best surf spots around Bali and give you the information you need before entering the water …

Surf board rental

Fish, Shortboard, Funboard, Longboard, Hybrid or Gun – no need to bring your own board, I got them all! I provide the boards, leash and Sex Wax for you to have fun riding the balinese waves.

Tourguide Bali

Explore the island: Explore Bali on an individual or small group tour. Find the adventure trip you’ve been looking for. Choose your favorite destination …


Lean back and relax: I will pick you up wherever you are and drive you to the place you want to go – always on time!

Motorbike rental

Enjoy the ride along the coastway or through the forest – rent a bike and feel the freedom! Make sure you drive on the left side …

Looking for a surfboard to rent?

You travelling without your beloved surfboard? Or you just don’t own one? No worries, if you’re staying around Canggu area, I can provide you with a big range of surfboards: Fish, Shortboard, Funboard, Longboard, Hybrid, Gun, …you name it!

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Learn how to surf with an experienced surf instructor

Before you start surfing, you must know this: surfing is one of the most difficult and complex sport in the world. Think about it. Not one wave is the same, so your playground is constantly changing. Elements such as wind, tides and swells are affecting the waves you surf differently every single day.

But don’t worry, I will guide you through every step and teach you everything you need to know.

Wanna go on a road trip and explore Bali? Good fun for sure!

Let’s do something fun and get some sense of adventure and create memories for life. Rrrrroad trippppin, yes! I love it and I am keen to take you with me around Bali and discover the best places Bali has to offer with you.

Tour Guide Bali
explore balinese culture
tour guide bali canggu

Are you interested to learn more about the unique Balinese culture?

Balinese culture is unique and has so much to offer and you might get fascinated by our people, food, art, ceremonies and all the things that you probably never seen before. If you want to know more about Balinese culture, know why we make  offerings daily and understand the rituals come on day trip with me and explore Bali deeper.

Learn how to surf, catch your first wave and ride into freedom. Book a private surf lesson with Bali Surf Guide.

I don't like to brag,
but that's what they say about my services.

Best Surf CoachJoanne L

I recently took my 13yr old son to Bali on a surf trip. He is a competitive surfer and I wanted someone local to take us to the good waves and give my son some guidance. Wayan was fantastic. He pushed him everyday to extend himself. He knew exactly what he was capable of and knew how far he could push him. My son's confidence grew and his skill level improved exponentially. I trust him completely with looking after my son for many hours a day in some big waves. Wayan is an excellent coach!

Best coach in BaliMarco R

I went for an holiday in Bali this September and i found Wayan as surf coach to improve my surf abilities. What to say? Best choice ever. He was always in the water with me. We choose together where to surf, but he was always keen on my safety first, bringing me where he knew i could improve and where it was fair compared to my level. He pushed me a lot, to overcome my limits and i happly did some of my best surf sessions ever improving a lot and gaining lot of confidence in the water. He is not only a surf teacher but also a real good friend.

Best surf guide in BaliResode

Wayan did an amazing job to find the best place and board to match my skills. During the 4 days I have improved my surfing while having a lot of fun on the water. I would recommend to book a private lesson and get the most out of it. Wayan picks you up from your location and takes care of everything. Best surf guide in my eyes and highly recommended.

Wayan is the BEST!!Chris Lee

We surfed with Wayan for a week. He took us to different spots based on the conditions and he had all the needed inside information. He is super friendly, knowledgeable, and a great teacher. Our surfing skills improved big time. His vehicle was very nice and he was always on time. He is a GREAT GUIDE, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! We miss Wayan and took some good Bali Karma home with us.

It’s better with Wayan!Will

I just finished my second trip with Wayan. What an absolute legend. As a local he knows the area well and matches waves to ability while pushing you just enough to become a better surfer. He knows where to find waves without the crowds and to put it simply he shreds! He shares his knowledge to help you catch bigger better waves and improve your skills.
Whether you’re a beginner or expert I 100% recommend spending time in the water with Wayan! To top it off he is just a good human and it’s a pleasure spending time with him surfing and having a laugh.

Better Bali Surf ExperienceJohn B

Sick of sitting in a line up with 100 other surfers from complete kooks to hungry brazilians and locals? Thats the reality of surfing in bali these days. Not with Wayan though. We surfed fun waves with just us out. If you are a beginner he has the professional training to teach you the right way the first time and progress much more quickly. If you are experienced he can find you less crowded waves and give you some valuable pointers on technique to help you improve.

Great coachJ-Komaba

I had Wayan as my guide/coach for a couple of weeks. He's very attentive, help you catch many waves and give lots of feedbacks. I now understand where I need to improve and how.
He also helped me overcome my fear of surfing backhand.
Really enjoyed surfing with you, thank you so much Wayan!

Best way to surf BaliJon

I was fortunate enough to get Wayan as our surf guide for myself and my 21 year old son this month. We only had 7 days in Bali and didn’t want to waste time trying to find a good wave.
Wayan picked us up from the reception at our hotel and wasted no time getting us to the most fantastic wave imaginable. He set us up with all the information about the break/currents etc and joined us out there encouraging us to catch waves we probably normally wouldn’t try. Wayan is an absolute must if your looking to veg the most out of your trip to Bali ...

Cannot recommend Wayan enough!Zed

What was so good about Wayan is he is very knowledgeable yet so humble! He has coached pro surfers around the world yet is super stoked to be in the water. He gave me feedback on every wave and introduced the turns - where on the wave, when, why, how etc which was totally new to me. By the end of that session I’d made huge progress and knew more about the ocean than I had done ever before. Session 2 was even better. Caught my best wave ever on the 3rd session and couldn’t be happier!

First time surfing in BaliPaul

This was my first trip to Bali, with my wife, son and his wife. I wanted to try the good waves Bali is famous for, but I prefer a mellower wave, as opposed to a top to bottom powerful wave. I got hold of Wayan, and he organized a day of surf for me. He was great to communicate with, and I felt comfortable asking lots of questions prior. Next time I come back, I will, without a doubt contact Bali Surf Guides again.

Wayan the surf magicanNikolai

Wayan was really fast in his response and great in terms of communication. He chose exactly the right spot for our level and we had a super fun session. He also provided valuable tips to improve our surfing and we had super fun time. Keep up the great work and see you in 5 years at uluwatu line up;)

Where to find me.

I live in Tanah Lot – a little village close to Canggu with the beautiful and famous temple on the rocks. Tanah Lot, Canggu and Seminyak area is where I usually pick up my guests. If you’re staying in places further away it is possible too to arrange some surf lessons, but keep in mind, it takes quite some time for me to get there.

Surf trips to other areas like Medewi, Uluwatu, Bingin and Balangan is also on my services I provide.

Please feel free to ask me for more details!

Looking forward to meet you!

+62 831-1911-9901

Surf Guiding Canggu Bali

Ready to catch some waves with me?