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Explore Bali on an individual or small group tour with me. Find the adventure trip you’ve been looking for, from short tours, day tours until longer flexible tours. Choose your favourite destinations, lean back and enjoy the beauty of the island, Balinese culture and the best food you can find!

Find informations about some example tours I can offer:

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Ubud Tour

Ubud is just beautiful. So many things to visit and see. The Ubud tour includes a little bit of everything. Culture, nature, history and crazy monkeys.

– Batuan (Temple & Painting)
– Woodcarving
– Monkey Forrest
– Royal Palace Ubud & Traditional Market
– Tegalalang Rice paddies
– Kintamani

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NungNung Waterfall

Nine hundred metres above sea level, in a small village in the middle of nowhere, Nungnung Waterfall is waiting for you. If you like hiking, don’t miss this!

– Gunung Kawi Temple
– Tampak Siring
– Goa Gajah
– Tegalalang Rice Paddies
– Monkey Forrest

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Sunrise Tour

I guess the name says it all 🙂 Get up! The early bird catches the best pictures of the beautiful sunrise!

– Kintamani
– Tegalalang Rice Paddies
– Coffee Plantation (Luwak Coffee)
– Royal Palace Ubud & Traditional market

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Explore and discover the beautiful and unique culture, landscapes and nature of Bali. Please get in touch with me and let me know what you desires the most to see. Wether it’s a half day or even up to more then a one day trip – everything is possible!

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