My Name is Wayan and I am local surf and tour guide in Bali.

I was born and raised at the sea shore in Tanah Lot, Bali. I learned surfing on the top half of a broken surfboard when I was eight years old. And since, I can not imagine being without a board at my side.

At the age of 16, I started to show tourists around the island and my home town Tanah Lot, the place with the famous temple which was built on rocks in the sea. I probably surfed every beach in Bali and I’m eager to show you the best of them!

Whether you explore Bali or improve your surf skills with me, you’ll definitely end up having a fun time and go back with great memories and a deeper insight into the Balinese culture.

I’m looking forward to meet you – stay salty!


Wayan Ladra

Why you should surf with me

Because it’s magic

There’s some magic about being on the ocean, surrounded by nature only, waiting for next wave – these moments were you just be. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Because it’s fun

Big time – Whether you learn how to surf, going on a roadtrip with me to explore Bali or improve your surf skills, you’ll definitely end up having a fun time!

Because I take care

I make sure we go surfing on breaks according to your surf level, experience and knowhow – and don’t worry, I’m always in the water with you!

“Wayan’s enthusiasm and happiness is highly contagious, but he also brings the required amount of attention, so his guests will always be safe in every situation. He’s a child at heart and full of surprises.”

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